Hi, I’m

Akash Joshi

I’m a Novelist & an English Teacher

Akash leads a mundane life. He has his family, his writing and his students. He grew up in military cantonments and studied engineering which was the expected thing to do in the nineties. Then he went into the field of renewable energy and stuck with it for over a decade during which he had the chance to work in and visit more than a few countries.

He returned to India in 2010 and his journey towards writing started in 2012 when he gave up his mainstream job and worked in alternative fields. This trend continued til 2017 during which he added another degree to his name and then he stopped running after large corporate roles. He is in no delusion that he might have made it to the top of the corporate ladder but by then he was sure that his heart lay somewhere else; in writing.

Since 2017, he has written three novels and a book of short stories, published his articles in mainstream media and continues to upgrade his language skills with more focus on his mother tongue, Gujarati, and Sanskrit. While his books are doing fine, it is his teaching that brings bread to the table. He is a certified TESOL teacher and helps students improve their English skills, be it for standardised tests like IELTS or for their professional journey.

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